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DeskWorks® Spreadsheet Awards and Reviews:

iSeries News Apex Finalist iSeries NEWS Apex Awards Finalist in the General Application Software category for 2004.
Product Excellence Finalist AS/400 Technology Showcase Product Excellence Awards Finalist in the Accounting/Business/Finance software category for 2000 and 2001.
ICP Million Dollar Award Received the ICP Million Dollar Award "in recognition of its acceptability in the marketplace and its leadership as a proprietary software product." (January 1996) Read news release.
Buyers Choice Award 1994 Winner of three Midrange Systems Buyers Choice Awards, selected as the best Office Automation software package for 1991, and the best Spreadsheet software package for 1993 and 1994.
News Lab

"A terrific package ... a faithful replication of PC spreadsheets for the S/36 and AS/400." - News 3X/400 Product Quarterly review (Summer 1992)

DP Labs "Reasonably priced ... DeskWorks could be the solution that brings it all together." - Midrange Systems DP Labs (December 1991)
Midrange Computing User Review Rated 8.6 (Excellent) for the AS/400 in an independent user survey by Midrange Computing (June 1990). Some of the user comments:
  • "Very good, easy to use; would recommend to anyone using the AS/400 needing a spreadsheet."
  • "Cleanest looking software on our system."
  • "One of the better midrange software products on the market."
  • "Very much worth the money."
  • "Best S/36 spreadsheet we have seen. Very flexible."
  • "Excellent product - simple to use."
Scope/36 Logo

"For anyone who ever wanted to maintain spreadsheets on the System/36, DeskWorks may be the best investment you'll ever make." - Scope/36 review (1988)

AS/400 Systems Management Logo "DeskWorks was my favorite of the products reviewed. It was easy to use ... the best price for features offered among the spreadsheets reviewed." - Systems 3X/400 review (April 1986)

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