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Key Holder gives you quick and easy access to your online account login information.

Key Holder for Windows

Quick and easy access to your online account login information!

Key Holder is a password manager application. For each password account, the account name, user, password, Internet URL, and a memo field for miscellaneous notes can be kept. A menu command allows you to go directly to the account URL by automatically launching your web browser, e-mail, or other Internet application.

Key Holder supports multiple account files. Account files are encrypted and can be individually password protected, allowing one or more users to maintain private and secure account lists. A search field is available to filter the account list, and account files can be printed.

Key Holder can also be used to keep lists of other secure information. For example, you could keep a list of software registration codes by entering the registered name for the software into the User field and the registration code into the Password field.

The Key Holder account window is compact and can be shown in a vertical or horizontal orientation, allowing it to be kept open for convenience and easily tucked out of the way.

System Requirements

Key Holder requires an IBM PC or compatible using Windows XP or later.


Key Holder for Windows

Documentation and Support

To view the application documentation, choose the Key Holder Help command in the Help menu. Help topics include "About Key Holder", as well as topics containing detailed information about the application windows and functions.

Contextual help is also available for window items by right-clicking the item, or by pressing the F1 key when the item has the focus.

If you have questions that are not addressed in the application help, e-mail support is available at Telephone support is not offered for this product.


The unregistered version of Key Holder will operate for 30 days, and will show the Register dialog each time you start the application. Once you have determined that Key Holder is operating to your satisfaction, you can register for $9.95 through the online Kagi Store by clicking Register in the Register dialog. Kagi accepts credit cards, PayPal, cash, or checks.

IMPORTANT: Please include the Owner Name shown in the Register dialog with your order. This information is used to generate your registration code. If it is incorrect, your code will not work.

After you register, you will receive a registration code by e-mail. To avoid delivery problems with your registration code, ensure that your e-mail system will accept mail from To enter your code, click Enter Code in the Register dialog.

This product is sold on a 30-day trial before purchase basis. All sales are final.

The Key Holder account window can be shown in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Upgrading from a Prior Release

Registered users of prior releases of Key Holder can upgrade to Release 2 for an upgrade charge of $5. A product announcement containing upgrade ordering instructions was sent to all registered users by e-mail. Please contact if you need to receive another copy of the ordering instructions.

Terms of Use

Key Holder is distributed on an 'as is' basis without warranty of any kind either express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Version History

Release 2.0


Thanks to Tony Fletcher of Tony Fletcher Design LLC ( for the application icon.
Additional icon work by Alex Forlini.

Key Holder is made with Real Studio. Real Studio is a trademark of Real Software, Inc. Real Studio logo

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